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About Us

Envirospec is a certified environmental inspection company serving the Wasatch front. With locations in Salt Lake and Layton we offer unparalleled service and can respond to your testing needs typically same day. We are fully insured and every inspector carries current certifications with the state of Utah. We are available 24 hours a day and can come anytime. We pride ourselves on being thorough and providing timely results. We look forward to proving ourselves to you.

Envirospec is a certified lead-based paint inspection company. We use a state of the art X-ray Florescence gun which shoots X-rays into the painted surfaces and reads the level of lead in the paint with complete precision and without any damage to the surface. The readings are fast and completely accurate. We can test all painted surfaces, consumer products (such as children's toys, dishes, etc.), soil around the home, and can even test dust wipes used to clean up a completed project. Once we have performed our on site inspection we provide a detailed report of the results, which easily identifies the location and level of any lead-based paint. The report can also be used by the property owner as a reference for future projects.

Envirospec is a certified asbestos inspection company. We use core sampling techniques to locate any asbestos containing materials (ACM) in your home or project. The samples are analyzed using polarized light microscopy (PLM) to determine if asbestos is present. After the samples are analyzed we will provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings so you can safely proceed with your project. Asbestos fibers are dangerous and can be found in old and new buildings.

Envirospec uses visual inspections, surface sampling, and air sampling techniques to locate and identify mold growth. Our thorough inspections check all areas of the property that could be the cause of mold growth such as under sinks, around toilets, showers, hot water heaters and laundry areas. We check for roof leaks, flashing leaks, leaks around windows and siding. If we can visually verify mold in the home we can analyze the mold to identify which type is growing and if it is toxic. We also use high flow air sampling devices to test the air in the home and compare it to the air outside the home to ensure mold spore levels are similar and acceptable.

Meth contamination is a real concern in Utah housing. Most people think meth contamination only occurs in homes where it was made or “cooked”, but contamination can also occur in homes where the drug was used heavily. Envirospec can test a home for meth residue using two methods. The first is a discrete wipe sampling which involves collecting one sample per wipe to determine exact locations in a home that contain meth residue. This procedure informs you if the exact area tested has meth residue, but will cost more since each area of the home will need to be tested separately. The second method is a composite wipe sampling which involves collecting four samples per wipe to determine if a home contains meth residue. This method will not pinpoint the exact location of meth, but is more cost efficient to test for general evidence of meth existence. A professional laboratory meth analysis report will be prepared with detailed information on the presence of meth, and the contamination levels found (if present).